Angled Base Series

The Angled-Base Series features swing sets with a wide stance design, allowing all the models in this series to feature a tire swing beneath the play deck. The addition of the tire swing below adds one of our most popular activities that can entertain up to three children at once, without taking up any additional space.
Available in medium (Supremescape), large (Supreme) or extra-large (Extreme), these play systems are ideal for somewhat level properties, however a slightly sloping yard will still work. All wooden swing sets in this series come standard with a play deck, rock wall, ladder, rope ladder, and 3-position swing beam. Choose from one of our pre-designed models or configure your own with add-ons and accessories of your choice to create the playground of your dreams.


Scaled down version of our popular Supreme Play-set.

Features a 3-chain tire swing under the play deck.

Can fit in almost any backyard, no matter the size.


Our most popular angled base jungle gym model.

Adds a new level of fun with a tire swing under the clubhouse.

Great for families of all ages and sizes.


The largest version of our very popular Supreme Playground.

Includes a rubber tire swing under the playhouse for 360 degrees of spinning.

A greater standing height means all family members can play.